Flexible Rental Solutions
for Your Employees

Your employees can secure their desired accommodation quickly and conveniently.

Your Employee can leave like a King 👑

Hassle-free application process.

We've streamlined our application process to ensure a seamless experience for your employees.

Wide range of rental options.

We partner with various landlords and property managers to offer a wide selection of rental properties across different locations.

Dedicated Customer support.

Our team is committed to providing excellent customer service and support throughout the rental loan process.

Wide range of Property Listings.

Browse our well curated listings of over 100k+ properties across the africa .

Flexible Rental Solutions for Your Employees

Browse Listings

Let's connect you with 10,000+ agents and landlords who fastrack your monthly tenancy.

Quality of Life

Employees can choose residences that suites their preferences, contributing to an improved quality of life and overall well-being

Subscription Services

Unlock a World of Convenience - Elevate Your Lifestyle with Our Subscription Services

Find a House, Live Like a King.

Enjoy our complimentary/discounted house maintenance services.





AC Repairs








Interior Design


Simplifying tenancy deals across Africa. One rent subscription at a time.


in Funding







Loved by Companies

At Ileyah, we've developed a revolutionary Fintech solution that allows you to split your payments and make real estate ownership more accessible and manageable. With our Split Payments service, you can take a step towards your dream home without the burden of immediate full payment

Using the Ileyah platform made renting so much easier and convenient. No more worrying about upfront payments

Nebs Chwukuma
Software Engineer

Renting has never been this flexible. Thanks to Ileyah, I can choose a payment schedule that suits me.

Jude Hawkson
Business Owner

I love how Ileyah allows me to spread out my rental payments. It helps me manage my budget better.

Loveth Chris

Ileyah saved me from financial stress. I could rent what I needed without worrying about immediate payment.

Eunice Adama
Sales Exceutive

Thanks to Ileyah, I was able to rent my apartment, I wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise. It's a fantastic service.

Anita reone
Football Analyst

I never thought renting could be this hassle-free until I discovered Ileyah. It's a game-changer for sure.

Femi Araromi

Ileyah gave me the freedom to choose the rental duration that suited my needs. It's so flexible!

Joseph Francis
CEO at Kabu NG

Renting through Ileyah was a breeze. The process was quick, and the payment options were convenient.

Oshimen Abrecei

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