Dear Landlords,
Let ILEYAH Pay you.

Even if your house is empty, we pay.

We provide a hassle-free solution that guarantees consistent income for your property, regardless of occupancy. With our innovative platform, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your house will generate revenue, even during periods of vacancy.

Leave us to find tenants, that is our headache now -

Never ever pay your rent yearly again
Onboard your property and we pay for your houses in bulk. Simple as ABC.

Simplifying tenancy deals across Africa. One rent installments at a time.







Loved by Tenants.

At Ileyah, we've developed a revolutionary Fintech solution that allows you to split your payments and make real estate ownership more accessible and manageable. With our Split Payments service, you can take a step towards your dream home without the burden of immediate full payment

Using the Ileyah platform made renting so much easier and convenient. No more worrying about upfront payments

Nebs Chwukuma

Renting has never been this flexible. Thanks to Ileyah, I can choose a payment schedule that suits me.

Jude Hawkson

I love how Ileyah allows me to spread out my rental payments. It helps me manage my budget better.

Loveth Chris

Ileyah saved me from financial stress. I could rent what I needed without worrying about immediate payment.

Eunice Adama

Thanks to Ileyah, I was able to rent my apartment, I wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise. It's a fantastic service.

Anita reone

I never thought renting could be this hassle-free until I discovered Ileyah. It's a game-changer for sure.

Femi Araromi

Ileyah gave me the freedom to choose the rental duration that suited my needs. It's so flexible!

Joseph Francis

Renting through Ileyah was a breeze. The process was quick, and the payment options were convenient.

Oshimen Abrecei

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